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OpenCV Projects stands for Open Source Computer Vision

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Structure of OpenCV projects

#inclde “cv.h” // Include header files

#include “ highgui.h”

Int main()

{ IplImage * input; // Variable declaration

input = cvLoadImage(“shivendu.jpg”,1); // Loads the image

cvNamedWindow(“Output”,1); // Creates a window to display image

cvShowImage(“Output”, input); // Displays the image

cvWaitKey(0); // Waits till a key is pressed

cvDestroyWindow( “Output” ); //destroy the window

cvReleaseImage( &input ); //release the memory for the image }

Sample Code for Image Masking in OpenCV:

Typedef struct CvHistogram


int          type;

CvArr*   bins;

float     thresh[CV_MAX_DTM] [2]; /* for uniform histograms*/

float** thresh2; /* for non-uniform histograms */

CvMatND mat; /* embedded matrix header for array histograms */



IplImage* mask;

mask = cvCreateImage( cvGetSize (hsv), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 1);

cvZero (mask);

cvRectangle (mask, cvPoint (10,10), cvPoint (100,100), cvScalarAll (255), CV_FILLED);

cvCalcHist (planes, hist, 0, mask);     //Compute Histogram OpenCV Projects

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