Concepts extraction for medical documents using ontology

Concepts extraction for medical documents using ontology In the biomedical domain large amount of text documents are unstructured information is available in digital text form. Text Mining is the method or technique to find for interesting and useful information from unstructured text. Text Mining is also an important task in medical domain. The technique uses for Information retrieval, Information extraction and natural language processing (NLP). Traditional approaches for information retrieval are based on key based similarity. These approaches are used to overcome these problems; Semantic text mining is to discover the hidden information from unstructured text and making relationships of the terms occurring in them. In the biomedical text, the text should be in the form of text which can be present in the books, articles, literature abstracts, and so forth. Most of information is stored in the text format, so in this paper we will focus on the role of ontology for semantic text mining by using WordNet. Specifically, we have presented a model for extracting concepts from text documents using linguistic ontology in the domain of medical.