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B.E Computer Engineering Projects

  B.E Computer Engineering Projects we offer CSE , ECE , EEE , IT department students.Computer engineering is the important field in engineering domain. We offer B.E computer engineering project with new development technology to design computer architecture, implementation of trendy application, testing and evaluating computer theory performance. We use java and .net language to design B.E computer engineering academic projects. We develop intelligent learning system, medical image classification, mobile computing, web service in data mining, networking information and forensic security, parallel and distributed network from IEEE based papers in computer engineering projects.



Scheduling algorithm in Cloudsim, gridsim and Peersim:

  We implement cloud computing, grid computing, peer to peer communication system, parallel and distributed computing which needs scheduling algorithm for task and job scheduling and resource and virtual machine allocation. We implement weighted round robin, shortest job first, first in first out, max min and min max algorithm is distributed computing simulation framework. We propose rolling horizon scheduling algorithm by our team for energy efficient in virtual machine migration.


  We adopt information, network, and cloud and database security achieved by B.E computer engineering project for students. We handle various attacks which affecting overall communication performance. We use efficient security algorithm to protect database and cloud data. We developed more than 80+ projects with various applications such as finger vein recognition, iris recognition; face recognition and finger print recognition in system security and bio metric applications. We combine pattern recognition and security algorithm to achieve high level security goal. We introduce various algorithms in B.E computer engineering projects and network security algorithm performance is examined by NS2, NS3 simulation tool.

Routing protocol:

  We categories network communication into wired and wireless. For wireless communication we provide routing algorithm to identify accurate location of destination nodes. We support network simulation tool with proactive and reactive routing protocol. We use AODV, DSDV, DSR and BGP protocol in MANET projects. We resolve low bandwidth, message overhead, traffic, congestion control and other issues by efficient routing algorithm.

Image processing algorithm in matlab:

  We perform various steps to process and analyze image in image processing projects. We provide these steps by median filter edge detection, edge enhancement algorithm to remove noise from image. We implement convolution algorithm, discrete Fourier, bilinear interpolation and wavelet algorithm in matlab tool we provide image compression by Eigen value decomposition, single value decomposition, cholesky decomposition algorithm in our projects. In image clustering we use expectation maximization, fuzzy cmeans and k-means algorithm executed by matlab tool.B.E Computer Engineering Projects

Data mining algorithm in various tools:

  To extract frequent pattern in large scale data base we apply association mining rule such as FP growth, and Apriori. We implement semantic & correlation matching algorithm for accurate retrieval of data executed in data mining tools.


B.E Computer Engineering Projects

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