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GloMoSim Project

GloMoSim Project is main support for mobile adhoc networks. Manet concepts can be simulate easily using the GloMoSim simulator. Scalable networks, mobile adhoc networks, mac layer applications normally provide the best results. Mobile network based all parameters results we can measure easily using the GloMoSim simulator. For the simulation purpose it use various library files.

  PH.D /MS research scholars who work in global mobile information system they use the GloMoSim for their concept simulate. Very large number of nodes can be simulate easily. Mobile nodes & wireless network concepts can be get the best results using the GloMoSim project.

There are lot of advantages available by using the GloMoSim projects such as:

  1. Prototype in different tools like MATLAB
  2. Event driven model
  3. TinyOS
  4. Algorithm addoptation
  5. simple debug
  6. Communication protocols
  7. routing arbitrary
  8. prototype optimize
  9. parameter tuning
  10. Provides visualization

Students called as GloMoSim project, GloMoSim network simulation project, GloMoSim simulator project.

GloMoSim Project:

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