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GrooveNet Simulator Projects

  GrooveNet simulator projects  is used to simulate the vehicle applications. There are lot of vehicle network available such as sumo, veins, Divert, jist, swans etc… GrooveNet is used to simulate the real vehicle applications. Vehicle networks best simulation tools:

  1. GrooveNet simulator projects
  2. Swans simulator projects
  3. Venis simulator projects
  4. jist simulator projects
  5. Divert simulator projects etc…

GrooveNet Simulator Projects is one of the hybrid simulator model. Easy to create the connection between the vehicles. Street map can get very clear view in groovenet simulator. Vehicular protocols can be simulate very easy. Large number of vehicle nodes can be simulate very easy. We can maintain the best security. We can check the very distance miles using the groovenet simulator.

Groovenet simulator projects Features:

GrooveNet projects support all 3 types of the nodes such as

  1. Fixed infrastructure nodes
  2. Mobile gateway vechile to vehicle
  3. Vehicle infrastructure communication

GrooveNet Simulator Projects:


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