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Itetris simulator projects

  Itetris simulator projects helps tp simulate the traffic and wireless communication concepts. Vehicular communication applications can be easily get the results using itetris simulator.

  Itetris simulator projects mainly designed by css frame work. Its one of the large scale integrate simulation, so we can simulate millions of nodes in each scenario. Its one of the biggest advantage for itetris simulation tool. Mobility nodes are possible to do in this tool. We can access Live traffic management. We able to measure all vehicular communication parameters using this itetris simulator projects. So most of the vanet & vehicular communication research scholars and students want to do their project works in itetris simulator projects. For past 4 years we provide this project support for students.

Using this tool we can get the Real Traffic platforms. Itetris projects have lot of advantages like

  1. Real road traffic models
  2. Open source software
  3. Unlimited Trials
  4. Real vehicle models
  5. High Accuracy results
  6. Reliable
  7. Support all vehicular communication protocols

Itetris simulator projects:

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