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Mininet Projects

  Mininet projects is major help of open flow concepts. Its one of the major network simulation tool for research scholars. Easily execute in Router, switch, host. All nodes can be easily interact in single Linux kernel. It look like complete network model by using the simple visualize, this is best option for mininet projects, so that most the research students want to do their projects in mininet simulator. But it show the real machine there is no difference between them.

  Mininet projects used to simulate the SDN (software defined networking & open flow). Mininet running a single system is provide the best results. It require single Linux kernel, but support all virtual hosts. There is no write operations in open flow controller. Its easily isolate form our local area network from internet.

  Past 4 years we provide the support for mininet projects. It shows the best performance in Linux operating system. To write the programs in mininet simulator is easy to compare other network simulation tools.

Mininet Projects

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