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Network CSE Projects

Network CSE Projects is an important branch in engineering fields. Computer science deal with the scientific study of computer and usage like computation, system control, data processing, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithmic properties. We offer CSE projects for students which ensure various well defined security algorithms, scheduling methods,  energy conservation techniques and optimum utilization of computer resource methods. We develop academic  projects for CSE with detail knowledge about cloud, networks, artificial intelligence, information security and data mining. We ensured and developed more than 90+ cse projects with more beneficial to geographical, medical, and robotic science, metrological, biometrics and news paper publications. We also proposed Journals papers Such as Springer, ACM with various applications.

network cse projects

network cse projects

Context Awareness for Internet of Things:

  We provide two layers which interact with context awareness for internet of things:

  We represent user and not a core layer CA4IOT. It can be a human users, applications or services. We use user oriented front end (UOFE) as part of this layer.

  We represent all software and hardware sensor which is not a part of core CA4IOT architecture.


Network CSE Projects

Context Awareness for Internet of Things Layer:

  We consider four layers as:

We use this layer to mange uses. This component belong this layer are request manager, data dispatcher and publish/subscribe.

An important layer in CA4IOT is responsible for reasoning, knowledge generation, fusing, storing and data processing.

We use this layer to mange context, semantic discovers which include configuration, storing and generation.

We use this layer to acquire data such as gateways, handlers, proxier, wrappers, and mediators.


Network CSE Projects

Characteristics of IOT:

We attain following characteristics by implementing M.Tech CSE projects are:

We facilitate IOT by hybrid architecture which comprise different architecture. It composed of two architectures are:

  IOT comprise large no of objects which interact autonomously. Some objects have large memory, reasoning capabilities, processing which make them more intelligent.

We transform the collected raw data into knowledge by collecting, modeling and reasoning context.

We predicted that there will be 50-100 billion device connected to internet.

We handle IOT billions of parallel and simultaneous events due to massive number of interactions.

  Due to cloud computing popularity, we describe consuming resources as a service and categorized as platform as a service (paas), software as a service (saas) and infrastructure as a service (Iaas) has become as main stream in cloud computing.Network CSE Projects

We consider geographic location of object as location play significant role in context aware computing.


Network CSE Projects

Architecture of Context Awareness for Internet of Things:

We provide CA4IOT architecture composed of following components is:

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