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NS3 Thesis

NS3 Thesis is a network simulator developed for network research and education. NS3 Projects is written in C++. NS3 is a discrete event simulator. NS 3 Thesis has Logging facility for debugging. It also has Tracing facility to getting output. NS3 performs better than NS2 in terms of memory management. NS3 Thesis is trying to solve problems present in NS2. A simulation script can be written as a C++ program, which is not possible in NS2.

  NS3 has an emulation mode, which allows for the integration with real networks. NS3 Projects can be connected to a real network. In NS3 simulation time moves discretely from event to event. The events are scheduled to occur at specific simulation time. The simulation scheduler orders the event execution. The simulator executes the event one by one. After that the simulation stops at specific time or when events end.



  For simulation, we need to write a simulation script which is a C++ program. To this program the ns-3 Projects library is linked to build our simulation executable. API calls are used in the program to do the necessary simulation. The waf build system is used to build the simulation.

The procedure to write NS3 Thesis scripts is,

  1. Include necessary files
  2. Use appropriate name space
  3. Set simulation time resolution
  4. Enable logging for different modules
  5. Create nodes
  6. Create net devices with MAC and PHY
  7. Attach Net devices to nodes and set interconnections
  8. Install protocol stack in nodes
  9. Set network address for interfaces
  10. Setup routing
  11. Install applications in nodes
  12. Setup tracing
  13. Set application start and stop time
  14. Set simulation start time
  15. Run simulation
  16. Release resources at end of simulation.

The advantages of using NS3 Thesis are,

  The goal of the ns-3 project is to develop a preferred, open simulation environment for networking research: it should be aligned with the simulation needs of modern networking research and should encourage community contribution, peer review, and validation of the software.NS3 Thesis

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