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NS2 Projects

NS2 Projects is a well popular simulation tool to create innovative college projects in networks. We provide NS2 with two types of agents such as UDP and TCP agents. We permit traffic and communication model in network. We use NS2 for traffic application namely traffic generator. FTP, telnet and web we provide NS2 projects documentation for students which deal with development of NS2 projects and documentation process. We develop network projects with queue management system and QOS based routing system from ACM papers. We implement QOS routing to satisfy quality of service. We develop more network  projects to enhance quality of service with networks.



Reliable QOS routing:

  We provide vehicular adhoc network a type of wireless ad-hoc network to ensure multi-hop wireless communication among vehicle and roadside units. We develop vanet which satisfy and provide QOS guarantee for multimedia application. We ensure reliable QOS routing protocol based on adhoc on demand distance vector routing protocol. By this protocol we find reliable path based on QOs parameter such as delay and bandwidth. We provide bandwidth an better multimedia application over network. By using NS2 simulation we developed 100+ projects to identify packet drop ration and end to end delay.

Active queue management in network:

  To achieve guarantee traffic deliver in network we use congestion control strategy we implement active queue management algorithm to ensure stabilize queue length at desirable level of output traffic rate. We ensure active management for packet scheduling based on priority. We support all burst packet traffic by packet delay jitter. We manage all traffic flow medium data among network.

Prediction based fair active queue management:

  We ensure an novel approach of prediction based system to predict network traffic while data transmission in PhD projects properties of PFED are:

Stabilize queue level based on future traffic.

PFED enable link capacities by queue length stabilize and eliminate excessive packet loss ratio. We analyze the performance of PFED by NS2 simulation.NS2 Projects

Dynamic address allocation protocol:

  We implement dynamic address allocation protocol in MANET which ensures unique IP address to join node dynamically. Mobile adhoc network composed of various mobile nodes to communicate each other without infrastructure or centralized control. We use dynamic address allocation protocol to allocate IP address with dynamic distributed manner. We provide this protocol which permit to join node dynamically with address and manage efficiently. We enhance this mechanism to detect duplicate and manage MANET operation.NS2 Projects


  We deploy TCP congestion window model in wired cum wireless networks. We provide TCP model to create new environment to design TCP variant network. We model TCP in wired network which use active queue management to enhance effective network throughput. We use various base station in wired and wireless networks to provide effective data transmission.

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