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NS3 Projects

NS3 Projects is a network simulator which supports large number of random variables and objects from base class. We contribute NS3 as configured and deterministic random results for application. We offer M.TECH projects in NS3 to design wired and wireless network. We provide Gnu libraries with NS3 to visualize output for wired and wireless network application in academic projects. We design HEED and DWEHC protocol by NS3 simulation tool to create cluster based application. Network simulation3 can created more than 85+ project application in networking with streaming method by our project team. Every component in network created & displayed by NS3 Projects.



NS3 Projects Components:

We implement following components in network are:

Base station:

It is a top most level of hierarchical model in wireless sensor network. It ensure communication link among sensor network & end user.


  We provide cluster in WSN. Network dense characters are broken into cluster to simply & create  effective communication.

Sensor node:

  Sensor node is basic components of wireless sensor network perform multiple roles in network such  as routing, sensing, data processing and data storage.

End user:

  We use sensor network data in large application. Some applications create network data over  internet by PDA. We access sensor network data by end user and query processed in sensor network by end user.



HEED protocol:

  We implement hybrid energy efficient distributed clustering an distributed clustering approach from  IEEE paper for various communication. HEED consider hybrid energy and communication cost when selecting cluster head.

It composed of following features are:

  We split algorithm into three phases are initialization phase, repetition phase and tentative phase. In initialization phase, we set initial percentage of CH among all sensors. During repetition phase, every sensor undergone various iteration to identify CH and transmit message with least transmission  power. When there is no announcement heard by sensor node then it selected as CH. In tentative phase we indicate CH status by probability function.NS3 Projects



DWEHC protocol:

  We implement distributed weight based energy efficient hierarchical protocol for research scholars  to generate balanced cluster size with optimized intra cluster topology. Every sensor in network calculates weight after locating neighboring nodes in its area. Every node weight is referred as function of sensor energy & proximity to neighbors. By DWEHC protocol, node with largest weight selected as CH and remaining act as members we attain lower energy consumption in intra cluster & inter cluster wireless network communication.

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