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Omnet++ Projects

Omnet++ Projects ensures various component architecture models. We develop components which programmed by C++ then assembled into large components and models with high level language. We offer OMNET++ projects for B.TECH students to develop and new innovative technology in network with OMNET++. We implements various network projects with OMNET+ + based framework such as Castalia. We design and analyze different wireless routing protocols by OMNET++ simulation environment. We enhance advance network such as 5G network and wireless mesh network are tested and verified by OMNET++ simulation environment.

Omnet++ Projects Application:

  We developed OMNET++ in various applications for final year student projects are, Queuing Network Model. Telecommunication Network Traffic Model. Hardware Architecture Validation. Protocol Model. Complex Software System Evaluation Performance. Multiprocessor Model and Distributed Hardware System.



Wireless Routing Protocol:

  We ensure wireless routing protocol with each routing node to communicate based on distance and lat hop information for all destinations in network. We use every node in WRP to learn about neighbor from acknowledgement and other messages. When a node in WRP does not have data to send then it should send hello message in a particular time to establish on connective information. By each node we maintain each node with routing table, link cost table, distance table and message retransmission list tables. For every message transmission table we contain data such as update message sequence number list of all updates and retransmission counter.

5G Wireless Networks:

  We anticipate open wireless architecture (OWA) to offer open baseband processing modules with open interface parameters. We implement 5G network terminal with software defined radios, modulation scheme and error control scheme is downloaded from internet. We access various wireless technologies at same time by 5G mobile terminals. We implement Long Term Evolution by OMNET++ and 5G network created by combination of 4G and LTE which deployed from latest IEEE reference paper.

Wireless Mesh Network:

  We use wireless mesh network which is a category of Adhoc network with two types of routing protocols. They are proactive and reactive protocols. We characterized proactive protocols by link state analysis and routing table Updation. We proposed more than 95+ projects in wireless mesh network in an efficient way. It provides high complexity, high performance, low response time and CPU load. We use reactive routing protocol as demand routing protocol which ensure passive reacting to detect problems on route. It provides less CPU load, less performance and increase response time.Omnet++ Projects



Wireless Mesh Network Factor:

 We consider following factors to construct. Wireless Mesh network are,

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