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OPNET Thesis

OPNET Thesis the software, is a network simulation tool with lots of features and tool sets including a packet format that defines protocols, a node model for specifying network component interface, a process model for abstraction of behavior of a particular network component, a project window for defining the topology of the network and various linkages, and a simulation window that is able to capture and/or show the results of network simulation. Opnet projects Modeler was the first software product released by Opnet projects Technologies. Through this networking software, the R&D process is accelerated resulting to easy analysis and design of communication networks, application, protocols, and devices.

OPNET Thesis is based on a mechanism called discrete event system which means that the system behavior can simulate by modeling the events in the system in the order of the scenarios the user has set up. Hierarchical structure is used to organize the networks. As other network simulators, Opnet projects also provides programming tools for users to define the packet format of the protocol. As of all, Opnet projects is a popular simulator used in industry for network research and development. The GUI interface and the programming tools are also useful to help the user to build the system they want.



OPNET Thesis also provides a module to collect and analyze Net Flow data. Because of the consistent endeavor and operation of Opnet Inc., OPNET projects is becoming mature and its product maintain a high acknowledge in the industry. Moreover, Opnet always keeps an eye on the most recent users requirements and keeps improving their product which make it very competitive compared with other commercial network simulators in the near expectable future.

OPNET Thesis Modeler also has a development environment that allows for modeling any network type and various other technologies like VOIP, MPLS, IPv6, and TCP. According to experts, OPNET Modeler offers the fastest discreet event simulation engine when compared with other networking solutions in the industry.

The main features of OPNET Thesis are,

  1. Fast discrete event simulation engine
  2. Lot of component library with source code
  3. Object-oriented modeling
  4. Hierarchical modeling environment
  5. Scalable wireless simulations support
  6. 32-bit and 64-bit graphical user interface
  7. Customizable wireless modeling

  In comparison with different simulations tools like OMINET and NS2, OPNET modeler is considered as the best simulation tool as it provides several advantages that they cannot provide. The significant advantages of OPNET modeler are it supports level of models and provides a user interface to establish several networks.OPNET Thesis

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