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Projects using Hadoop

  Projects using hadoop is help to built the big data applications. In recent days most of the academic students & research scholars ask the hadoop projects. Hadoop is one of the Apache family. Its mainly used to the scalable and distribute applications. Hadoop is the only tool to handle the structured and unstructured applications. Speed and Trust is the other major benefits for hadoop system.

  Projects using hadoop we start last 4 years back. Most of the students want their projects using hadoop technology. It handle very easily in huge data, so its called as big data. Using the hadoop library files we can form a clusters very easily in few line simple codes. Mapreduce is one of the major benefit concept. The same time we must consider the distributed file system.

  Hadoop is java based programming tool. Code write is very simple. Its support all operating systems such as WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMS, LINUX OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Projects using Hadoop:

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