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PSIM Projects

  PSIM projects refers to the peer to peer networks. For the purpose of simulate the peer to peer concepts PSIM simulator using. PSIM is one of the major network simulation tool. Single thread its special feature. Huge number of nodes can be simulate very simple by using the PSIM network simulator. More than 100 Million nodes also possible to simulate easily. Compare to other network simulation tools, PSIM projects are allow to simulation very huge level of nodes.

  Most of the students and research scholars want to simulate the huge level of node simulation they prefer the PSIM projects. They know very well this is the best tool for simulation. Program also very simple to design and process. Normal JAVA program only use to simulate the concepts. All kind of the protocols can be support. Cycle based protocols also possible to use in PSIM projects.

PSIM projects provide following advantages like:

PSIM Projects

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