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QualNet Projects

QualNet Projects an event based simulation tool which is a commercial derivative of glomosim. We offer qualnet computer science projects for MS scholars with java based graphical interface to model and design communication network handover. We implement qualnet in power line communication, MANET, wireless mobile, satellite network and wired network for academic projects. We ensure qualnet as packet level tracing and visualization tool for computer science projects. Computer science students and network researchers are using qualnet to analyze routing protocol performance.

Network model evaluation in QualNet Projects

  We use qualnet as cost effective evaluation and testing process of large scale network. We provide interactive real time UI by qualnet tool to change network model dynamically. We evaluate various changing parameter with different paper taken from ACM journals.

Simulating security attacks in WSN using qualnet:

  We implement WSN routing method based on least cost forwarding method. We handle black hole distributed denied of attacks which affect the WSN by sending flooding of hello message. We simulate qualnet attacks and analyze network performance at the time of attack we enhance qualnet computer science project developer to implement defense approach to mitigate security attack in WSN.


Design and implementation of delay tolerant network in qualnet:

  We implement DTN protocol in computer science DTN network projects. We developed more than 120 projects in DTN network in an efficient way. We adopt this algorithm to reduce traffic load, path loss in DTN and congestion control. We use qualnet to design and evaluate DTN protocol.

Satellite mobility model in qualnet:

  We implement network model over satellite communication which is an difficult task in other simulator tool. Qualnet combine satellite mobility model to simulate satellite footprints, low, medium satellite earth orbit models.

Mobile adhoc wireless network ZRP performance evaluation using qualnet:

  We adopt zone routing protocol which is the category of hybrid routing protocol model. Attaining quality of service in MANET is an challenging task. By ZRP, we can easily identify route failure in MANET and quickly reconstruct route during link failure. By qualnet we can estimate route acquisition delay and route reconfiguration parameter. We use qualnet to compare ZRP performance with other network routing protocols.

Process overhead of network based content distribution in VANET:

  We establish multimedia file sharing process in vanet by network modification and high speed modility. We analyze the performance of network based content distribution algorithm using qualnet tool.QualNet Projects

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