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  Science fair projects is biggest task to update every year. There is no ever green projects in competition. Every year we update our self according to the trends. We wont apply the old concepts or technologies..

  Program organizers look very carefully for new ideas. Innovation is very important to win the awards. In our 9 year experience we support more than 4000+ students science fair projects. Students from various sectors like engineering, diploma, schools etc…

  Out of the 4000 science fair projects for we get 200 + awards. We believe this is very huge achievement. Knowledge updation is the only reason to get the achievements. Our project topics always based on the industry latest issues only. Recently we concentrate 6th sense technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual glass, augmented reality, pervasive computers, modern sensors, ubiquitous computing for our science fair projects.

  Once our students get the award it will give the work satisfaction for us. Keep on we learn lot of new concepts & we update the new subject information.

Science Fair Projects:

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