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SWANS Program

      Swans program is best simulation tool for ad hoc network concepts. Most of the PH.D & MS research scholars using this network simulation tool for this concepts. We believe all kind of the network parameters we can get easily using this swans tool. Very few network simulation tools having the graphical interface. Using this swans simulator we can get the realistic simulation results.

    We require jist engine to execute the MANET concepts. We send separate library files for execution. Node mobility is one of the major benefit for us. Radio propagation also occupy the leading role. It support all kind of the network protocol layers.

   Swans basically in java based program tool.Its works in all routing protocols such as AODV, ZRP, MANET, DSR, IPV4, MAC, IEEE 802.11B.

SWANS simulation tools major benefits:

SWANS Program:

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