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   Transcode is one of the network simulator tool. Its used to video and audio in UNIX OS mediator. We support Transcode based projects for our M.TECH & B.TECH students. Some library files helps to convert the any video format such as mpeg 4, mpeg 2. Phd scholars want to remove the video noise and smooth by using the tool. Very few videos sharpening & deinterlance also required.

  For the research projects above mention all issues we use the Transcode tool. Recently its fully supported by unix operating system and linux operating systems. Windows operating systems also plan to develop the tool for their OS users.

  Multimedia is most important advantage for Transcode, it use to data transferring purpose. In any kind of the data we can send & receive easily.

Transcode formats such as

The data storage limitation is very huge, so that Transcode become very familiar tool.


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