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    Arm Based Projects

    Arm Based Projects ECE is electronics based study in an engineering field. We support and develop communication based technology projects. We develop ECE projects for B.E students with various electronic components. We guide electronics students to do projects with hardware or software specifications. We develop simulation based projects with various simulation tools in network and communication. We support ECE student to develop innovative academic projects.

    Android based projects:

      We provide android as an open source operating system based on Linux kernel and functioned on touch screen based devices. We attain the major benefits of adopting android os is maximum usage of memory and hardware resources on mobile platform. We develop android based applications with speech and voice recognition. We adopt android based Smartphone application to control induction motor and load operation. We developed more security based application under android OS from Springer papers. We test android based projects by android emulator and eclipse tool.

    ARM based projects:

      We refer ARM as advance RISC (reduced instruction set computer) processor. It acts as a heart of various portable devices. We provide ARM composed of 32 bit RISC instruction set architecture. We apply ARM processor for low power devices. We develop ARM projects under ARM9, ARM7 & ARM11 cortex.



    Application Arm Based Projects:

      We deploy ARM in listed application are:

    Instruction set in ARM:

      We provide ARM with three instruction sets are:

       We adopt ARM 32 bit load or store architecture with every instruction being conditional. Thumb 16 bit use one half of registered and with only branch instruction being conditional. Jazelle permit java byte code to execute in ARM architecture which enhances performance than other instruction set.

    Embedded and Raspberry pi based projects:

      We determine embedded system as an electronic based control system to control and access data in electronic based systems. We develop embedded system projects with various controllers. We implemented more than 80+ projects in specific and control based application under embedded system.

    We determine Raspberry pi an credit card sized single computer board used to create many application with desktop pc. It applied in:

    Robotics based projects:

      We evolved robotics as an automated machine ensure capability to perform function which can’t handled by human beings. We perform robots as voice controlled home appliances and wireless communication based applications. We develop more projects with various robots as wheel robot, walking robot, 3D robot and rotational robot.

      We categorized robot as fixed or mobile. Mobile robot composed of mobile base which create robot to move freely in environment. We named advanced mobile robot as line follower robot which is used to find path and interacts with obstacles. We proposed robot to lift weight from one place to another place.

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