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Labview Projects

Labview Projects is a graphical programming language which uses various icons in place of line of text to create programs. Labview is an acronym of a laboratory virtual instrument engineering work bench we offer labview projects for ECE, and EEE students to carry out their academic projects. We provide labview program as virtual instruments. We measure labview project operation by physical instruments as oscilloscopes and multi-meters. We provide support for M.Tech students to develop simulation with real time application in labview projects.

Tools in Labview Projects

  We provide many tools and we developed more than 75+ projects in labview environment. The tools are:



Building blocks in labview:

We implement building blocks in labview as:


  It is a device used to convert physical phenomena as light, pressure, temperature, and sound into electrical signal as current/voltage referred as transducer.


  We provide signal as output generated by transducer or other device.

Signal conditioning:

  It is a hardware which connects digital to analog converter device to create signal for measurement or enhance accuracy.


  We use various softwares to design and program to measure or control based applications.

Virtual instrumentation in labview:

  We implement virtual instrumentation from Springer paper which support design, control and display process in labview simulation we develop design process in labview include embedded system programming, signal image processing and simulate final prototype. We process automatic & dynamic control of robotics and mechatronics with control system. We adopt display to generate output for various application instrument and measurement.

Acquisition process with labview:

  We acquire labview data by following devices as:

Labview environment:

  We provide labview environment as:

Block diagram:

  It contains code to create application tradition debugging features and clean up diagram is available.

Front panel:

  To create interaction with users caption and label are front panel properties.

Connector panel:

  It creates data passing to other VI. It displays color of each data on labview environment.

Application of labview:

  We implement labview in following application as:

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