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IEEE CSE Projects

IEEE CSE Projects is the study of communication methods, object oriented languages, computing technology and data base management system. We offer cse projects which determine ideas about application, how to design and model technologies in various domains and give accurate result. We provide IEEE cse projects for students with technical organization related to electronics, computer science and electrical. We develop IEEE cse academic projects with well designed application to preserve user information in online transaction and secure communication environment.

IEEE Cloud Computing Projects:

Cloud storage allow user to remotely store data and enjoy on demand high quality cloud application without hardware and software management.

Cloud Storage Service Architecture:

We implement cloud storage architecture for M. S projects as:

System Model:

We manage cloud server by cloud service provider (CSP). It ensure data storage device and determine storage space and computation resource.

It provide user to access and expose risk of cloud storage services. We allow user to interact with cloud service by CSP to access or retrieve data.

It store data in cloud and relies cloud for data storage and computation. It can be either enterprise or individual customer.

Adversary Model:

In this model, we capture all kinds of threats towards the cloud data integrity. They are given as:

We determine data integrity threat from outside the control domain of CSP. Example for this attack is economically motivated Attackers.

We ensure CSP as entrusted, possible malicious and self interested.

Design Goals:

We provide the goals for design as:

To maintain same level of storage correct assurance even when user modify, append or delete their data in cloud.

When user stored their data as indeed approximately and kept intact all time in cloud.

It enable user to perform storage correctness verification with less overhead.

Effectively locate malfunction server when data corruption has detected.

Enhance data availability against malicious data modification, server colluding attack and byzantine failures.

Cloud Data Storage:

We provide cloud data storage for B.Tech students as:

IEEE Wireless Communication Network Projects:

We implement wireless communication as:

Current Wireless System:

The available wireless systems are:

Application of Wireless Communication:

We deployed wireless communication in more than 80+ projects and we listed some applications are:

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