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Communication Projects For M.Tech

Communication Projects For M.Tech is defined as flow of exchange facts, ideas, opinion means that individual or organization share the meaning and understanding with one another. We ensure communication project to effectively share or transmit opinion fact or emotions among people. We offer communication projects for M.TECH academic in an efficient way. Communication projects for students cover electrical, electronics, computer science & wireless communication.



Bluetooth wireless communication projects:

  We provide Bluetooth as open standard in wireless connection ensure support with pc and cell phone industries. It is used to link radio, destined to replace wired connection among electronic device like cellular phone, computers. It permits the user voice & information among several devices in real time.

Bluetooth protocol:

  We implement this protocol based on ACM papers it composed of:

Core lower layer:


  Deal with conversion of data into RF signal for transmission by air. It operate in 2.4 GHZ industrial, scientific and medical PF band for low power transmission.Communication Projects For M.Tech

Link manger:

  By this manager, we translate commands sent by host controller interface (HCI) layer and act as contact among application and link controller.

Baseband/link controller:

  This layer is too properly format data for transmission and from radio module perform basic error control.

Host controller interface:

  It is an HCI layer of lower & upper layers.

Core upper layers:

  It composed of

(i). logical link control and adaptation protocol (LLCAP) as:

(ii). Service discovery protocol (SDP):

Noncore upper layers:

They are:

Bluetooth connection devices in communication projects:

To connect device we provide four states are:

Bluetooth hotspot approach:

It contain following components are:

Connection framework:

We establish connection by:

Application of Bluetooth:

We developed more than 90+ projects in Bluetooth with following application are:

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