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M.E Projects For CSE

M.E Projects For CSE is the systematic study of feasilibility, structure, expression, storage, representation, computer technology, networking, and processing and data base management system. We offer M.E projects for CSE with various topics taken from science direct and implemented in a efficient way for final year projects. We support M.E projects for CSE student’s gives accurate & high performance result than existing applications. We implement M.E projects which cover all segments of core computer science, digital signal processing, grid computing, power system, mobile technology and wireless communication.



Bluetooth in wireless communication:

  We implement Bluetooth an open standard for wirelesses connect which support from PC & cell phone. It uses short range radio links to replace cables among computer and connection unit.

Industry wide Bluetooth communication:

  We provide benefits are:

Bluetooth model for wireless communication:

  We use Bluetooth model as:

Bluetooth architecture:

  We implement Bluetooth with link control hardware integrated as one chip or radio module and baseband module. It gives as:

Network topology:

  We organize Bluetooth device as group of two to eight devices called biconets composed of single master device & one or more slave device.M.E Projects For CSE

Baseband links:

  It ensure transmission channel for both data and voice it capable to support asynchronous data link and up to 3 synchronous voice links.

Host controller interface:

  We use HCI driver on host to interface a Bluetooth application with transport protocol.

Baseband state machine:

  Piconet may be static or dynamic as device move in and out of range to one another.

Link manager:

  We control baseband state machine by link manager.

Software protocols:

  We ensure protocol multiplexing which permit support for upper level protocols such as TCP/IP and


Logical link control & adaptation protocol in wireless:

  We ensure the parameters are:

Middleware protocol in Bluetooth wireless:

  We provide the following protocols in Bluetooth wireless are:

RFCOMM protocol:

An important layer used to expose serial interface to packet based Bluetooth transport layers.

Service discovery protocol:

It ensure information about services and SDP assume that Bluetooth device maintain logical registry service.

Other protocols:

Application of Bluetooth:

  We developed more than 90+ projects with Bluetooth technology in wireless communication. The applications are given as:

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