A low cost M2M architecture for intelligent public transit

A low cost M2M architecture for intelligent public transit The paper proposes a system which focuses on enhancing the usability and productivity of existing bus transportation system in Indian cities. The technology has a role to play for completion of the goal by means of providing an effective solution by establishing a wireless communication network in the city. The paper introduces a framework as an improvement to the existing city bus public transport system in India – Arrival Time Prediction of bus in real time and approximate Seat Availability in the bus. ZigBee and GSM/GPRS Technologies can be utilized to establish a wireless network among Buses, Bus Stops and Central Bus Stand in order to create this interconnection. The paper also suggests modifications in the design of currently used Digital Ticketing Machine to implement the feature of conveying the seat availability. ZigBee modules are used for short-range communication and Long-range communication is established using GSM messaging. The improvements in the system are expected to encourage more and more people to use public transport in order to overcome the problem of traffic and excessive fuel consumption.