A novel hybrid powered RFID sensor tag

A novel hybrid powered RFID sensor tag In recent years we have seen a tremendous growth in applications of passive sensor-enabled RFIDtechnology by researchers; however, their usability in applications such as activity recognition is limited by a key issue associated with their incapability to handle unintentional brownout events leading to missing significant sensed events such as a fall from a chair. Furthermore, due to the need to power and sample a sensor the practical operating range of passive-sensor enabled RFID tags are also limited with respect to passive RFID tags. Although using active or semi-passive tags can provide alternative solutions, they are not without the often undesirable maintenance and limited lifespan issues due to the need for batteries. In this article we propose a new hybrid powered sensor-enabled RFID tag concept which can sustain the supply voltage to the tag circuitry during brownouts and increase the operating range of the tag by combining the concepts from passive RFID tags and semipassive RFIDtags, while potentially eliminating shortcomings of electric batteries. We have designed and built our concept, evaluated its desirable properties through extensive experiments and demonstrate its significance in the context of a human activity recognition application.