Airborne ISR mesh high-speed communication via satellite

Airborne ISR mesh high-speed communication via satellite LinkWayS2, the mesh IP satellite communications system for the Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) and Marine’s Support Wide Area Network (SWAN) program, has proven itself over the last decade to be the fastest and most flexible mesh MF-TDMA modem available. Traditionally utilized predominantly in fixed or At-The Halt (ATH) applications, new improvements in the LinkWayS2 waveform make ground-mobile and even airborne mesh communications using LinkWayS2possible. High-speed mesh communications with a manned ISR aircraft was demonstrated in a mesh MF-TDMA network which combined At-the-Halt (ATH), ground mobile, and an airborne SATCOM terminal in a single, hubless tactical LinkWayS2 meshed IP network. In two separate exercises using the LinkWayS2 mesh MF-TDMA modem, high-definition (HD), high-speed ISR video was transmitted from a King Air manned ISR aircraft to 2.4m aperture ATH terminals while the aircraft simultaneously participated in IP video teleconferences (VTCs) with the ATH terminals. Operating on a 10 Msps Mesh TDMA carrier, ISR HD video rates exceeding 6 Mbps, and VTC rates exceeding 1 Mbps, were transmitted and received without error while the aircraft performed evasive maneuvers at airspeed in excess of 230 mph. The ground mobile SATCOM terminals communicated with the ATH terminals simultaneous with the airborne terminal operation, and, for the first time, direct mesh communication between an airborne terminal and a ground mobile terminal. These exercises were the first demonstrations of airborne mesh satellite communications, achieved the highest speed TDMA operation from any mobile terminal (10 Msps) to date, and are the first networks to combine airborne and ground mobile terminals is a single mesh MF-TDMA network. These exercises conclusively demonstrate that high-speed mesh satellite communications-on-the-move (COTM) is possible using LinkWayS2 without requiring a l- rge hub infrastructure and is being deployed today.