Divert Failure Route Protocol Based on AODV

Divert Failure Route Protocol Based on AODV This paper prototypes a new model for resolving link failure problem in Ad hoc network based on AODV protocol. Link failure is the major issue of the current Ad hoc network due to the nodes mobility, which can be avoided if the routing protocol responses quickly to the network topology change. In this research, we studied the Ad hoc on demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol, especially link failure features with profound analysis. We have proposed a Divert Failure Route Protocol scheme (DFRP) as a solution to link failure. DFRP tries to avoid a link failure in advance. DFRP monitors the link to next hop and predict the link status through the signal strength. DFRP consists of two models; “DETECTION-MODEL and NEW-PATH CONSTRUCTOR-MODEL”. Main functions of these Models are to predict the signal strength, and to find a new route to divert the data to the new path, respectively. The main benefit of this new protocol is reducing the delay resulting from sending link failure information back to the sender.