Dynamic Reconfigurable Routing for High throughput in MANET

Dynamic Reconfigurable Routing for High throughput in MANET The area of adhoc networking has been receiving increasing attention among researchers in recent years, as the available wireless networking and mobile computing hardware bases are now capable of supporting the promise of this technology. Over the past few years, a variety of new routing protocols have been proposed, but the performance evaluation of each protocol shows variable results according to network parameters such as throughput, scalability, mobility and topology variation. Hence, it is challenging to find one single universal protocol or any adaptive protocol to meet all the network topology conditions, mobility patterns and scalability requirements. So, if protocols are dynamically allocated to the router nodes then it is possible to obtain an all time high throughput programmable router. Many MANET applications benefit from increased throughput, which is the focus of this work. Therefore, in this paper, a new method of dynamic reconfigurable routing (DRR) using two reactive on demand protocols viz. DSR and AODV is proposed. The DRR router monitors the throughput continuously and when the throughput plunges down below the acceptance value, it adapts to different protocol to maintain the throughput. The change of protocol to the router is done by modifying the config. in file of global mobile simulator (GLOMOSIM)