Emerging trends in energy efficient routing protocols

Emerging trends in energy efficient routing protocols The Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET) uses the concept of Dynamic technology in the wireless network. The most important challenge in building of MANET is the power consumption by the nodes. According to the demand of present scenario different energy efficient routing protocol has come into existence that helps in increasing the life time of the battery. Emerging Trends in energy efficient routing protocolsas the name suggest specify that many approaches like clustered, genetic algorithm and so on has came in existence that helps in increasing the network life time of energy efficient routing protocols. In this paper energy power aware routing (EPAR), energy power and life aware routing (EPLAR) and efficient power aware quality of service (QEPAR) protocols, Loose-virtual clustering Routing protocolfor Power Heterogeneous named as (LRPH), Energy entropy Multipath Routing optimized algorithm based on Genetic Algorithm (EMRGA) are mentioned according to their Specifications. EPAR uses the Min-max formulation approach through which EPAR work more efficiently than AODV, DSR and DSDV. Another routing protocol known as EPLAR is more energy-efficient than EPAR due to its link stability. Also QEPAR works more efficiently than DSDV, DSR because its Quality of Service (QoS) is better than these existing protocols. Different routing protocols have different advantages over one another.