Fine-Grained Knowledge Sharing in Collaborative Environments

Fine-Grained Knowledge Sharing in Collaborative Environments In collaborative environments, members may try to acquire similar information on the web in order to gain knowledge in one domain. For example, in a company several departments may successively need to buy business intelligence software and employees from these departments may have studied online about different business intelligence tools and their features independently. It will be productive to get them connected and share learned knowledge. We investigate fine-grained knowledge sharing in collaborative environments. We propose to analyze members’ web surfing data to summarize the fine-grained knowledge acquired by them. A two-step framework is proposed for mining fine-grained knowledge: (1) web surfing data is clustered into tasks by a nonparametric generative model; (2) a novel discriminative infinite Hidden Markov Model is developed to mine fine-grained aspects in each task. Finally, the classic expert search method is applied to the mined results to find proper members for knowledge sharing. Experiments on web surfing data collected from our lab at UCSB and IBM show that the fine-grained aspect mining framework works as expected and outperforms baselines. When it is integrated with expert search, the search accuracy improves significantly, in comparison with applying the classic expert search method directly on web surfing data.