FTTH Network Management Software Tool: SANTAD ver 2.0

FTTH Network Management Software Tool: SANTAD ver 2.0 This paper focused on developing a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network management software tool named Smart Access Network Testing, Analyzing and Database (SANTAD) ver 2.0 based on Visual Basic for transmission surveillance and fiber fault identification. SANTAD will be installed with optical line terminal (OLT) at central office (CO) to allow the network service providers and field engineers to detect a fiber fault, locate the failure location, and monitor the network performance downwardly from CO towards customer residential locations. SANTAD is able to display the status of each optical network unit (ONU) connected line on a single computer screen with capability to configure the attenuation and detect the failure simultaneously. The failure information will be delivered to the field engineers for promptly actions, meanwhile the failure line will be diverted to protection line to ensure the traffic flow continuously. The database system enable the history of network scanning process be analyzed and studied by the engineer.