Fuzzy based energy efficient multicast routing for ad-hoc network

Fuzzy based energy efficient multicast routing for ad-hoc network Ad-hoc network is an infrastructure less wireless network. Since ad-hoc networks are self-organizing, rapidly deployable wireless networks, they are highly suitable for various applications. Every nodes ofad-hoc network are connected dynamically in an arbitrary manner. There is no default router available in this network because all nodes of this network behave as routers and take part in discovery and maintenance of routes to other nodes. Ad-hoc nodes are powered by batteries with limited capacity due to its distributed nature. Therefore energy consumption occurs due to sending a packet, receiving a packet and to select next hop node. Hence, the present paper proposes a routing protocol, named Fuzzy Based Energy Efficient Multicast Routing (FBEEMR) for ad-hoc network. The basic idea of FBEEMR is to select the best path which reduces energy consumption of ad-hoc nodes based on fuzzy logic. This protocol is mainly used to extend the lifetime of ad-hoc network with respect to energy efficient multicast routing by calculating route lifetime values for each route. Based on the comprehensive simulation of FBEEMR using MATLAB and NS2 and comparative study of same with other existing protocols, it is observed that proposed routing protocol contributes to the performance improvements in terms of energy efficiency.