Implementation of an incampus fire alarm system using ZigBee

Implementation of an incampus fire alarm system using ZigBee Nearly all our buildings and workspaces are protected against fire breaks, which may occur due to some fault in the electric circuitries and power sources. The immediate alarming and aid to extinguish the fire in such situations of fire breaks are provided using embedded systems installed in the buildings. But as the area being monitored against such fire threats becomes vast, these systems do not provide a centralized solution. For the protection of such a huge area, like a college campus or an industrial park, a centralized wireless fire control system using Wireless sensor network technology is developed. The system developed connects the five dangers prone zones of the campus with a central control room through a ZigBee communication interface such that in case of any fire break in any of the building, a direct communication channel is developed that will send an immediate signal to the control room. In case if any of the emergency zone lies out of reach of the central node, multi hoping technique is adopted for the effective transmitting of the signal. The five nodes maintains a wireless interlink among themselves as well as with the central node for this purpose. Moreover a hooter is attached along with these nodes to notify the occurrence of any fire break such that the persons can leave the building immediately and with the help of the signal received in the control room, the exact building where the fire break occurred is identified and fire extinguishing is done. The real time system developed is implemented in Atmega32 with temperature, fire and humidity sensors and ZigBee module.