Implementation of Different Data Mining Algorithms with Neural Network

Implementation of Different Data Mining Algorithms with Neural Network With the huge amount of information available online, the World Wide Web is a fertile area for datamining research. The data mining research is at the cross road of research from several research communities, such as database, information retrieval, and within AI, especially the sub-areas of machine learning and data integrity. Every E-commerce and social website in World Wide Web uses the Classification is one of the data mining problems receiving great attention recently in the database community. Neural network is not suitable for data mining directly, because how the classifications were made is not explicitly stated as symbolic rules that are suitable for verification or interpretation by humans. Different concise symbolic rules with high accuracy can be extracted from a neural network with the proposed approach. The neural network is first trained to achieve the required accuracy in datamining. In this paper we are going to combine neural network with the three different algorithms which are commonly used in data mining to improve the data mining result. These three algorithms are CHARM Algorithm, Top K Rules mining and CM SPAM Algorithm. The different datasets of online e-commerce website filpkart and Amazon are used to train the neural network and to use in data mining. The results of all three data mining algorithm with neural network techniques then tested on the available datasets and result are compared by computational complexity of the algorithm.