Improved Web Mining for E-commerce Website Restructuring

Improved Web Mining for E-commerce Website Restructuring In a short span of time, less than 10 years, E-Commerce industry has observed a magnificent growth in some of the developed countries. However E-Commerce industry in developing countries like India is still lagging behind to satisfy the challenging and dynamic needs of consumers. E-Commerce websites are considered as face or representatives of their respective companies. A well designed website is considered as successful website. It is designed in such a way so that it can satisfy user needs. Hence to have an optimized, updated and structured website is the ultimate goal for all E-Commerce organizations now days. In this regard we are going to discuss improved┬ámining┬ástrategies which are required to maintain optimized website structure which in turn is helpful for businesses to increase their revenues, to keep check on competitor’s websites, comparison of various brands, attracting new customers and to retain the old customers.