M2M service platforms and device management

M2M service platforms and device management The main goal of network-connected machines is to improve the quality of lives in numerous ways: from speeding up traffic, reducing fuel consumption, saving lives, improving access to healthcare, down tomaking everyday life more convenient and interesting. The development will make possible to include a chip in everything, enabling the developers and innovators in diverse industries to collaborate and todrive the growth in connections. In this paper, we review the functionalities of the M2M ecosystem together with the standard models and explore the possibilities to use a specific connection management platform enabled by 3GPP mobile networks and utilizing OMA Lightweight M2M Enabler (LWM2M) for device management. Although this technology targets mainly constrained devices with low power and small amount of memory, it can be also utilized with powerful devices and sensors that can benefit from its efficient communication and strong security mechanisms. Being based on the very last standards in M2M communication there is no other documented approach or platform to set against.