Meandered dipole RFID tag for metallic objects

Meandered dipole RFID tag for metallic objects The Radio Frequency Identification technology is an automatic way for data transaction in object identification without any human intervention or error. But the performance of RFID systems is strongly dependent on environments in which the communication between the reader antennas and the tags occurs. Many materials such as metals and liquids, which are close to the reader and tag antennas, may degrade the performance of the RFID systems by changing the characteristics of the antennas in terms of impedance matching and field distribution. A solution to this problem is presented in this paper. The design and development of meandered dipole RFID tag for efficient operation on metallic objects are presented. The read range measurements were taken with the STA IR0507E RFID Reader for various azimuth and elevation angular ranges. The read range measurement of the tag when attached to a plane metallic plate was measured for different foam thickness and found to be efficient for operation on metallic surface.