MTree: Reliable routing for machine-to-machine systems

MTree: Reliable routing for machine-to-machine systems This paper discusses the design and evaluation of MTree, a reliable routing scheme for distributed data storage and retrieval for machine-to-machine systems. MTree’s ability to route efficiently even when a large number of nodes are joining and/or leaving the system makes it an ideal choice for different sort of applications including data sharing and content location. Each machine in MTree has a unique node identifier belonging to an identifier space. In MTree, we partition the identifier space into levels and segments and fix the manager of every segment. A node in MTree maintains links with constant number of nodes at the next level to forward queries. A node also creates a link with a node at the top level to get the global view of the system. This way MTree traverses a logarithmic number of nodes to route a query to its destination. A prototype implementation of MTree onĀ PeerSimĀ proves its reliability and efficiency.