Performance Analysis of DSR & Extended DSR Protocols

Performance Analysis of DSR & Extended DSR Protocols Ad hoc network is group of wireless nodes to establish a network without any fixed infrastructure or centralized supervision/management. In such a network, topology changes dynamically and due to limitations of bandwidth, transmission range and power routing becomes an important issue. A lot of work has been done infield of routing in ad-hoc network since 1990. Dynamic Source Routing protocol (DSR) provides simple and efficient routing for multihop ad-hoc network of mobile nodes. This paper presents a simulation based performance analysis and comparison between traditional DSR and extended DSR. It utilises a specially designed framework which builds on the Global Mobile Information System Simulator (GloMoSim). Some optimizations of DSR have already been implemented inGloMoSim. Several different simulation results show that performance got better by traditional (already implemented) DSR.