Rank Preserving Hashing for Rapid Image Search

Rank Preserving Hashing for Rapid Image Search In recent years, hashing techniques are becoming overwhelmingly popular for their high efficiency in handling large-scale computer vision applications. It has been shown that hashing techniques which leverage supervised information can significantly enhance performance, and thus greatly benefit visual search tasks. Typically, a modern hashing method uses a set of hash functions to compress data samples into compact binary codes. However, few methods have developed hash functions to optimize the precision at the top of a ranking list based upon Hamming distances. In this paper, we propose a novel supervised hashing approach, namely Rank Preserving Hashing (RPH), to explicitly optimize the precision of Hamming distance ranking towards preserving the supervised rank information. The core idea is to train disciplined hash functions in which the mistakes at the top of a Hamming-distance ranking list are penalized more than those at the bottom. To find such hash functions, we relax the original discrete optimization objective to a continuous surrogate, and then design an online learning algorithm to efficiently optimize the surrogate objective. Empirical studies based upon two benchmark image datasets demonstrate that the proposed hashing approach achieves superior image search accuracy over the state-of-the-art approaches.