Secure authentication using biometric templates in Kerberos

Secure authentication using biometric templates in Kerberos The paper suggests the use of biometric templates for achieving the authentication in distributed systems and networks using Kerberos. The most important advantage in using the biometric templates is implying biologically inspired passwords such as pupil, fingerprints, face, iris, hand geometry, voice, palm print, handwritten signatures and gait. Using biometric templates in Kerberos gives more reliability to client server architectures for analysis in distributed platform while dealing with sensitive and confidential information. Even today the companies face challenge of security of confidential data. Although the main focus of the development of hadoop, CDBMS like technologies was primarily oriented towards the big data analysis, data management and further conversion of huge chunks of raw data into useful information. Hence, implementing biometric templates in Kerberos makes various frameworks on master slave architecture to be more reliable providing an added security advantage.