Secure Mail using Visual Cryptography (SMVC)

Secure Mail using Visual Cryptography (SMVC) The E-mail messaging is one of the most popular uses of the Internet and the multiple Internet users can exchange messages within short span of time. Although the security of the E-mail messages is an important issue, no such security is supported by the Internet standards. One well known scheme, called PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is used for personal security of E-mail messages. There is an attack on CFB Mode Encryption as used by OpenPGP. To overcome the attacks and to improve the security a new model is proposed which is “Secure Mail using Visual Cryptography”. In the secure mail usingvisual cryptography the message to be transmitted is converted into a gray scale image. Then (2, 2)visual cryptographic shares are generated from the gray scale image. The shares are encrypted using A Chaos-Based Image Encryption Algorithm Using Wavelet Transform and authenticated using Public Key based Image Authentication method. One of the shares is send to a server and the second share is send to the receipent’s mail box. The two shares are transmitted through two different transmission medium so man in the middle attack is not possible. If an adversary has only one out of the two shares, then he has absolutely no information about the message. At the receiver side the two shares are fetched, decrypted and stacked to generate the grey scale image. From the grey scale image the message is reconstructed.