Toward a common infrastructure for multimedia-networking middleware

Toward a common infrastructure for multimedia-networking middleware Real-time multimedia streams like audio and video are now integral data types in modern programmingenvironments. Although a great deal of research has investigated effective and efficient programmingsupport for manipulating such streams and although the design of digital media “middleware” is fairly well understood, no widely available or commonly accepted programming model exists within the research community. The authors believe this lack of common practice impedes our collective progress because it prevents disparate research groups from easily leveraging each other’s work. They propose a solution to this problem that combines the best features of a number of existing multimedia toolkits-Berkeley’s Continuous Media Toolkit, MIT’s VuSystem, and the LBL/UCB MBone tools-into a fine-grained, extensible, and high performance toolkit. They describe the convergence of these three toolkits into a common programming infrastructure and argue that the availability and acceptance of the middleware could potentially facilitate and accelerate breakthroughs in multimedia networking