Transmission of big data over MANETs

Transmission of big data over MANETs Big data recently has gained tremendous importance in the way information is being disseminated. Transaction based data, unstructured data streaming to and fro from social media, increasing amounts of sensor and machine-to-machine data and many such examples rely on big data in conjunction with cloud computing. It is desirable to create wireless networks on-the-fly as per the demand or a given situation. In such a scenario reliable transmission of big data over mobile Ad-Hoc networks plays a key role. Limitations like low bandwidth, congestion and loss of packets pose a challenge for such systems. Hence an effective routing mechanism plays an important role. The proposed protocol is Multi-path QoS Routing (MPQR) protocol. Existing protocols try to establish a single path for communication. The proposed paper focuses on distributing tickets in the network. Also it can be divided into sub-tickets to get an optimum multi-path. The principal advantage is its high performance in the case of bandwidth limited environments when compared to existing protocols.