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        Wireless Network Simulation in NS2 is the best way to simulate wireless networks like Wireless Ad hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wi-Fi ,Wi-Max Networks etc. We have accomplished nearly 1000+ wireless Network simulation projects using NS2. NS2 is a discrete event open source simulation tool used for the simulation of wired and wireless networks. It is implemented using C++ and OTCL [Object oriented TCL (Tool command language)] and works under UNIX like systems. We offer complete tutoring service on NS2 along with project/assignment guidance service. We have started our service 10 years before with an only motive to create the seed of innovation in the minds of young scholars. Majority of students have lost the power of creativity today. Students prefer static topics for their projects/ assignments from a list of topics, which has completely ruptured the young minds. We have started our service, to provide an innovative platform for students to nourish their innate talents and bring out the best out of them. Students can approach us anytime, with any queries related to NS2 simulation projects/assignments/programming. Now, let’s have a glance over the steps involved in the simulation of wireless networks in NS2.

    Simulation Steps for Wireless Network Simulation in NS2:

    Step 1: Create the event scheduler (Schedule events, obtain simulation time)

    Step 2: Create a simulator object

    Step 3: Define different colors for data flows (for NAM)

    Step 4: Open the NAM trace file

    Step 5: Define a ‘finish’ procedure

    Step 6: Create network topology using nodes, links, queues (Setup routing) and [Insert Error modules/network dynamics]

    Step 7: Create connection using TCP and UDP

    Step 8: Create applications like FTP, CBR and traffic generation.

    Step 9: Start the scheduler

    Step 10: Schedule the events for any one of the applications

    Step 11: Detach TCP and UDP (if necessary)

    Step12: Call the finish procedure after 5 seconds of simulation time

    Step 13: Run the simulation



          We have provided few recent research topics for students to get an idea about Wireless Network Simulation projects in NS2. For further tutoring service on NS2 along with project guidance support, approach us through our online tutoring service. Our experts are always available for your service.



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